Due to unexpected Covid-19 Pandemic, I am unable to perform massage at this time.  

I am concerned with the health and safety of all clients, family and myself as I am within the 6 feet radius for concern with the Covid-19 virus. The government has shut down non-essential businesses and per the order 03/23/2020 I will be unable to perform any close contact 03/19/2020 through at least 04/22/2020.  I will reevaluate the situation at that time and see where the situation lies.  In the meantime, I have placed a special COVID-19 Certificate to assist with any downtime assistance you would like to purchase.  Please note, I will happily honor all moneys received with time towards massage or assistance with other services such has gardening, home health care, and various other possibilities.  My gift certificates will not expire, I provide a Best By date instead.  

We all need to remember to breathe and know we are all in this together.  Thank you all for your understanding and patience in this matter.  I hope to see you all again soon.