Cynthia Oberdier
Private Healing Hands Specialist

Affiliate Programs

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Tesla Biohealers

I am happy to announce my affiliation with Tesla Biohealing in bringing natural well-being to your body.  Here is my affiliate link to check out the products and to purchase straight from the company.  I purchased a small child size and it was here within 72 hours.  Tesla Biohealers are med beds for your home, pets and travel.

Young Living Essential Oils

I am a Young Living Essential Oils distributor.  I love to shares the love of the oils with all I meet.  Introductory classes for sharing the scents and uses of many of the oils offered.

Water Purification Filters and MInerals

My affiliate link for is as follows: This link will allow you to link straight to the Purinizer site and allow for shopping of minerals and filters to purify your water.  

Purium Supplements coming soon.