May 21, 2020:  With the ever-changing situation, comes great triumphs.  I have opened my room out of my home with an entrance into and out of my massage room.  This location is by appointment only and safety measures are being taken to protect all from the current infectious crisis.  I have opened up to scheduling online and requesting appointments online at my Richwood Location.  My schedule is on there and sanitation is 1 hour between clients.  I ask that masks be worn into my facility, as I will be wearing one to protect you throughout your session, as well as an apron and face shield.  I take my own temperature daily and O2 saturation for your awareness of my own daily symptoms.  Temperatures are taken on arrival.  Oxygen saturations are also able to be taken if the need arises.  Wearing masks have people breathing more shallow and lungs do not fully expand.  With massage, these numbers can stabilize and my assessment will be done and O2 monitoring will be offered at the time of arrival to see if we can improve breathing functions.  Hand sanitizers and soap and water used throughout interactions. 

Additionally, I will be opening up in Upper Arlington on June 2, 2020.  

Best wishes,