Cynthia Oberdier
Private Healing Hands Specialist

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Appointments available from 30 to 120 minutes.  Each session is tailored to specific client needs.  Relaxation is a light touch.  Deep tissue is just that, with pressure, cupping, warm/cold stones.  The depth of this massage gets to the deeper muscles and is a slower massage with trigger points being released.  Lymphatic drainage is massage without lotion to move the fluid in specific directions to encourage incorporating stagnant fluids back into circulation.  Body Balancing is pulling toxins out of the meridians of the feet or hands to assist with natural body excretion processes 30 or 45 minute sessions can be coupled with any massage (no pacemakers, defibrillators, muscle stimulators, battery operated devices or pregnancy during this process).  Vitaflex and Raindrop sessions with Young Living Essential Oils available as well.  

Hope to see you soon.  Call/text (740) 361-7530 if needing an appointment.  If phone unable please message me on Signal @CynthiaMarieOberdier©.   

**Federal, state and municipal employees please note:  If coming to in for session, I am in the private sector and you will be coming to me on the private side not corporate encounter.  

Please note:  If you are sick, plan to reschedule and come in when safe for all.