Massage Protocols

SHOP LOCAL RICHWOOD:   I have opened my studio out of my home with an entrance into and out of my healing hands retreat.  This location is by appointment only and safety measures are strictly adhered to.  Since the need is vast with the stressors of living, I have opened up to scheduling online appointments.  This is a hands-free process and allows for quicker documentation of the annoying paperwork.  My schedule is on there and sanitation is 30 minutes between clients.  If my schedule does not meet with yours, please do not hesitate to contact me at 740-361-7530 phone or text to see what else could be available.

Hand sanitizers and soap and water used throughout interactions.  Hepa filter and Ozone filter in room at all times.  Hospital grade products used for sanitation and disinfection.  Services with certifications by me are:  Therapeutic (Medical) massage, manual lymphatic drainage, cupping or GuaSha, hot stones (Himalayan salt or basalt), prenatal massage, trigger point release, myofascial release, Biomat and deep tissue massage.  Packages available and saves money: buy 5, get the 6th free (a $65/80 value for 1 hour session).  This option is listed under series services.  No memberships required.  NO BS.  ABSOLUTELY NO SEXUAL FAVORS WILL BE TOLERATED OR PERFORMED.  VIOLATORS WILL LOSE APPOINTMENT.  POLICE RECORD WILL BE FILED.

Conditions that I have great success with include:  Fibromyalgia, pregnancy, back disorders, lymphedema, tummy tucks, scar mobilization, plantar fasciitis, medical staff issues of stress, stress reduction, PTSD Veterans, postoperative back/knees/ankles/shoulders/elbows/wrists, cancer survivors manual lymphatic drainage, and athletes muscle strains.   

DTM is deep tissue massage for those deeper problems.  Trigger points, myofascial release, compression and issues addressed.  This may include cupping, stones, percussion, GuaSha, or some other therapy to assist with release of the muscles causing restriction.

TT is therapeutic touch.  This will include Swedish and firm pressure.  No deeper tissue work is done with this massage.    

MLD is for manual lymphatic drainage.  This is a light, hand-over-hand type massage with purpose of moving fluid out of a restricted area such as after throat/breast/abdominal/groin surgery and lymph nodes removed.  Please note:  Breast tissue is NOT massaged by me, but instructions will be provided on correct drainage path for you to do on your own.  This is either 45 minutes or 60 minutes due to amount of load placed on kidneys and bladder for release of the fluids.  

All three of these (MLD, TT, or DTM) can be booked online and even in series (buy 5, get 6th free).  Savings will be either $65 or $80 per hour session depending on which service booked.  Appointment times range from 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.  

MINORS:  To parents, I will see children with your attendance in the room.  Those athletes 16 and older, must have your signature on minor form and you will be asked to sit in during the first session for child's safety and understanding of my processes.  Proper draping is maintained at all times for safety.  There is plenty of room to maintain 6 feet distance.  

All I ask is if you are sick, please reschedule.  I do not have a cancellation policy due to COVID-19 and need for quarantining.  I see many clients and home health clients that do not want to be sick.  I personally protect myself with many essential oils, proper vitamin regimen and safe distancing with proper hand washing and open ventilation with Ozone in my room.

Best wishes,